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Working with an acting coach is a surefire way to make sure you are fully prepared for that big audition or the role of your dreams. As a working actor, Jaime knows how it feels to want to bring your best work to every audition, role, and opportunity. She has coached hundreds of actors on to getting representation, booking their first on-camera gigs, landing their dream roles with professional theater companies, winning best actor awards, and getting into the college of their dreams. We talk about acting being a dream a lot. It doesn't have to stay a dream if you have the guidance and support of a coach who will walk you through every step of the way from "I've always wanted to be an actor" to "I got the part!" Let's make it happen...


student shout-outs!

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Jaime is an extraordinary teacher and coach. She is one of those magical people that both challenges her actors to bloom and push themselves to new limits while also creating such a genuinely safe and loving space for them to do so. She so genuinely wants her students to succeed and is so generous with both feedback and opportunities. I worked with her hoping to learn some new skills, but I walked out with a newfound sense of confidence, a revamped love for the craft, and so many tools that have truly changed me as an actor.

KERRY M, actor

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