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Ensemble Actors Studio is your artistic home for all the training + tools you need to be a working actor

Group classes, grounded in Meisner & Practical Aesthetics, offer rigorous training that cultivates a reliable technique and nurtures fearless, spontaneous, dynamic actors

Ensemble members have a wealth of performance opportunities to build their resume: monthly Scene Work Showcases, Monologue Slams, student-produced short films for IMDB credit, and the chance to work alongside industry pros with our resident theater company, Ensemble Actors Theater.

Ensemble actors are supported by a lifelong community of artists & are confidently prepared for every opportunity to be a working actor. Don't just highlight your lines, highlight your acting career!

"Ensemble Actors Studio has officially set the gold standard for this city.

Pittsburgh finally has an acting studio that is at the level of NYC and LA." 

-April Gustafson, SAG | Golden Globes | Emmy Awards Coordinator

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Acting Classes Pittsburgh


Classes include our dynamic Acting 101 for aspiring actors, Scene Study, Script Analysis, Meisner Technique, Acting for the Camera, Auditioning for Film/TV, Self-Tape Workshops, Musical Theater, Improv, Monologues, and Master Classes with industry pros!


Actor Headshots Pittsburgh


YOU... in your BEST LIGHT!

Headshots are an essential tool for professional & aspiring actors alike. Nothing says "amateur actor" like a bad headshot. We"ll work together to create a brand that represents the REAL YOU - one that captures your unique personality and markets you in your BEST LIGHT!

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Work ONE-on-ONE!

Private coaching is one of the fastest ways to improve your technique. Working one-on-one means we can fine tune your craft to help you work with confidence each time. Audition coaching is a proven method to make sure you are bringing your best work to the audition room.  #BOOKEDIT

Actor Demo Reels Pittsburgh

demo reels.

YES! You need one...

A demo reel is one of 3 essential marketing tools all working actors must have. Almost every on-camera audition asks for 3 things: your resume, your headshot, and your demo reel. If you want to work, you need to show them what you can do in "TWO MINUTES OR LESS."


Jaime Slavinsky
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Founder & Artistic Director

Welcome to the Ensemble! 

Ensemble’s dynamic and accessible approach to actor training empowers actors to be courageous and compelling storytellers—confident in our craft and free to create stronger, more authentic connections with each other and our audience.

Our mantra is: “We prepare so that we can play.” The very best acting is rooted in the freedom of play, but lemme tell ya… Acting is hard work. It takes dedication & tenacity and asks us to be our most vulnerable selves--to let it all hang out for the world to see. And that can be a scary thing to do...


But, if you have a strong, reliable technique, a dedicated, supportive ensemble (from Old French for “together”) that creates a safe place for you to take creative risks, and the tools & opportunities to put your craft into action…

Well then, my friend, you will have what it takes to be a fearless, spontaneous, dynamic working actor.

Ensemble is a community of artists that celebrates every opportunity to learn from one another each time we say, "Action!" or "Lights up!"


Onward, friends... Together

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Resident Director & Instructor

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Resident Director & Instructor


Resident Director & Instructor

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Master Class Teaching Artist

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Master Class Teaching Artist

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Resident Filmmaker


Resident Screenwriter


Director of Puplick Relations

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